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  construction product directory
B prefabricated buildings
B10 modular / prefabricated buildings
B20 canopies / conservatories / shelters
B30 mezzanine floors
B50 bathrooms /kitchens / saunas

D groundwork
D10 foundations / piling / retaining walls

E concrete
E60 precast concrete

F masonry
F10 bricks
F11 glass block walling
F12 concrete blocks
F13 stone / cast stone / ashlar
F30 lintels / masonry / structure
F31 cavity trays / closers / DPC
F32 copings / cappings

G structure
G10 structural steel framing
G20 timber frame / joists / trusses
G30 structural decking

H cladding / tiling
H10 patent glazing
H11 curtain walling
H13 structural glazing
H14 tensile fabric structures
H20 rigid sheet / rainscreen / composite cladding
H30 profiled cladding
H31 polycarbonate / plastic cladding
H50 stone / slate cladding
H60 roof tiles
H61 roof slates
H70 roofing accessories
H71 lead / copper / zinc coverings & flashings

J proofing / dpm / gas
J21 mastic asphalt roofing
J30 damp proof membranes / tanking
J41 built up felt roofing
J42 single ply roofing
J43 liquid applied roofing
J50 gas protection

K linings / partitions
K10 plasterboard linings
K11 rigid sheet linings
K20 timber linings / flooring
K30 partitions / screens
K32 cubicle partitions
K40 suspended ceilings
K41 raised access flooring
K42 acoustic flooring / walling

L windows / doors / stairs
L10 windows
L11 rooflights
L12 shopfronts / glazed screens
L13 blinds / louvres / shutters / solar control
L20 doors
L21 folding / sliding doors
L30 stairs
L31 balustrades / handrails / nosings
L40 glass / glazing films

M surface finishes
M10 screeds / liquid applied flooring
M20 plaster / render
M40 stone / ceramic floor tiling
M50 linoleum / vinyl / rubber flooring
M51 carpet / carpet tiles
M52 wallpaper / fabric
M53 anti-slip finishes
M60 painting / clear finishing
M61 intumescent finishes / boards

N furniture / equipment
N10 fixtures / furnishings /
N13 sanitary appliances / fittings

P building components

P10 insulation
P11 fire protection
P12 acoustic insulation
P20 trims / skirtings / mouldings
P21 ironmongery / draughtproofing
P30 ducts / covers

Q external works
Q10 kerbs / paving
Q40 fencing / gates
Q50 bollards / barriers / street furniture

R drainage
R10 rainwater pipework / gutters
R11 drainage above ground
R12 drainage below ground

S plumbing
S12 hot & cold water

T heating
T10 heating

U ventilation / AC
U10 ventilation
U14 smoke extract
U30 air conditioning

V power / lighting
V20 power
V21 lighting

W security / safety
W10 communications
W40 security equipment
W50 safety equipment

X transport / lifts
X10 lifts / dock levellers

Y services
Y10 chutes / waste compactors

Z building fabric
Z11 metalwork / mesh / grilles
Z20 fixings / adhesives
Z21 mortars
Z22 joint fillers / sealants

cad programmes
cad downloads
cad general
other directories
PDF of Building Regs
Planning Office locator
Rail Timetable
Route Planner
Traffic (RAC)
Sky Sports
Building Design online
Planning Portal



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